Event Details :: Workshop On Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

12 November 2017 - 12 November 2017
On 12 November at BGC Trust University a seminar & workshop on “Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” held on which was organized by Robotics and Electronics club of the university and Bangladesh Robotics Foundation. There was two session. In first session, the makers of Line follower robot was presenting their robot

And in second session Founder Chairman of Bangladesh Robotics Foundation Mr. Hafizul Imran was delivering his speech to the student present about the electronics, robotics, humanoid robots, artificial intelligence, android control robots etc.

Another member from Bangladesh Robotics Foundation, Md. Amirul Islam was sharing his experiences in the robotics field and his memory and working experiences with Bangladesh Robotics Foundation.

Not only Computer science department but also students from different department were present in the seminar. They were there for their curiosity and interest in robotics.


The chairman of Computer Science and Engineering dept. Mr. Sudipto Dev and Lecturer of the department Mr. Abhijit Pathak was delivering his speech in the field of robotics. They emphasized the importance of robotics and the relation between robotics and programming. 

Founder and Chairman of Bangladesh Robotics Foundation Mr. Hafizul Imran has been receiving the welcome memoir from Maksudul Ovi, one of the member of University’s Robotics and Electronics Club.

Also Mr. Hafizul Imran was welcoming and congratulating the Line follower Robot makers’ team

Mr. Hafizul Imran, Amirul Islam, Chairman of CSE dept., faculty members and line follower team