Our Objectives

Introduction : 

Bangladesh Robotics Foundation is an independent, non-profit, community organization which was established in 2017 at Dhaka, Bangladesh by a group of enlightened, enthusiastic professional innovators. The organization is heavily inclined towards promoting global growth and implementation of robotics and automation technology in which a majority portion is associated with academic institutions and research and development. Initially the focus of this organization is on Artificial Intelligence, DIY Robots, Drones, Household robots, Humanoid Robots, Industrial Robots, Medical Robots, Military Robots, Sensors, Actuators, Robotics Software, and Space Robots. Beside, another main objective is to bring awareness in robotics industry and also and to promote the profitable use of robots, and assist in the development of Industrial Robots and Automation in various industries. BRF is committed to serve the entire robotics community both in academics and industry area by promoting research oriented development and training on corresponding criteria. BRF is open to individuals and organizations, both onshore and offshore. BRF is strongly devoted to excellence in workplace.

Bangladesh Robotics Foundation is an organization to lead the students about Robotics and its application both in personal and commercial. Our main goal is utilizing the potentiality to build a self-reliant Bangladesh. Making a generation who will well-known of their capabilities, informed of their scopes of knowledge implementation, who are assiduous in research and application and convinced of building an enriched Bangladesh. It has been working to satisfy the inquisitive minds by providing the knowledge of the unknown and the unseen. Apart from this, Bangladesh Robotics Foundation also patronizes robotics projects of the students. We support the student’s needs to materialize their robotics clean ideas not only morally but also financially. To increase the practice of robotics methods, we arrange workshops and seminars for motivating the next generations.